About The KKWG

Kirdford and Wisborough Green are two quintessential English villages situated in the heart of the the West Sussex countryside. First settlements in these villages date back over 500 years and the two villages continue to thrive with an eclectic way of life. There are over 1,200 people who live in the villages and there are two well attended churches, a primary school, a mix of various pubs and restaurants. A number of houses are listed as they hold historical interest of the UK's history. Close by is the market town of Petworth.

Behind the scenes there are a mix of local businesses that serve the local communities and contribute towards the UK society as a whole.

This way of life is now under under threat with a proposed drilling site to explore for shale gas and oil. Kirdford and Wisborough is one of over 300 sites in the south of England that has been earmarked as a proposed drilling site. As a result, Celtique Energie want to drill right in the middle of these connecting villages on a site which we strongly believe is not suitable but highly inappropriate to the area.

The lane which Celtique will need to utilise for transportation is a country lane, and in places can only accommodate the width of one vehicle. If their planning application is given the go ahead it will mean this area of West Sussex will change beyond recognition.

Yes we fully understand the need for cheaper gas and oil, however at what cost? We know its a contentious issue but this site is not suitable for drilling - simple as that.