Traffic & Pollution

    Celtique have decided that all of their operational traffic will exit the A272 at Wisborough Green, turn left at The Cricketers crossroads into the Kirdford Road, past Skiff Lane and over the ancient single track Boxal Bridge. Just beyond the bridge on the left is the proposed site for the drilling complex.

    Highway safety is a real concern; the construction stage of the 40 meter drilling rig will require super-sized wide load articulated Lorries to carry in the rig and thereafter many HGV trips per day. These trips will pass the route that children take to school, the green, the cricket pitch and the children’s playground. All gas development creates traffic in rural areas, the large scale of development planned by Celtique, and the fact that it will be fracked, means dramatic increases in traffic. In Blackpool, some 8,400,000 litres of water were used for fracking operations at the exploration stage. That's 125,000 litres per day over 67 days and this water will be brought in by road. One well service company uses huge tanker trucks that can carry 5,460 gallons of fluid, that's 24 tanker trips in and 24 trips out every day for water alone. The attractive Kirdford Road, which is little more than a country lane, has no footpath and residents walk to the village on the road, a favoured race route for eighty local cycle clubs and horseback riders use the road to access their rides. The Boxal Bridge is a picturesque feature of Kirdford, the bridge was made to carry horse drawn vehicles, a recent survey approved its continued use for the current volumes of traffic but it is unlikely it is robust enough for the loads required in the construction and operation of the drill site. Astonishingly a preservation order to protect the bridge was recently refused because "it is not under threat"! Villagers and residents living alongside the route will experience a marked increase in traffic, noise, dirt and road damage not to mention the danger and disruption.