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What a difference a year makes!

i January 18, 2016 By @dmin

But we can’t take our eye off the ball Its nearly a year since Celtique Energie withdrew from the Public Enquiry when they appealed to the unanimous refusal by West Sussex County Council to permit their application for exploratory drilling on the borders between the villages of Kirdford and Wisborough Green. Since then, the world has seen falling oil prices from a high of $114 a barrel in 2014 to now less than $30 a barrel, which has had a huge effect on Shale Gas. With the sanctions on Iran being lifted we are likely to see this figure reduce even further. Investors in fracking companies are finding that their ‘get rich quick’ investments are not giving them the rewards they anticipated. So much so, there are some companies in the US that are almost bankrupt. Unbelievably, 150 new proposed fracking sites have recently been announced within the UK and… Read more

We are holding a short AGM for the group

i November 10, 2015 By @dmin

We are holding a short AGM for the group from 6.30-7 pm followed by drinks and nibbles at 7 pm and an illustrated talk on local wildlife at 7.30 pm. The meeting will take a vote for 4 positions to administer the financial and legal aspects of the group. The people standing are: □ Chair, Dr Jill Sutcliffe □ Hon Treasurer, Miranda Alderton □ Hon Sec: Vacant □ Vice Chair Phil Donaghue Read more

Demolish Boxal Bridge

i February 17, 2015 By @dmin

Please sign this petition to protect our precious old stone bridge on the road between Wisborough Green and Kirdford. It was built in about 1850. The bridge is named as a community asset by the Kirdford parish Neighbourhood Plan and it is a CDC Heritage asset – BUT this gives it no statutory protection from demolition. It is a vital link between the two villages and only 400 metres from the entrance to the proposed Oil/Gas drilling site. West Sussex County Council want to demolish the bridge and replace it with a two lane highway although they deny this preference has any connection to the current planning application for drilling! WSCC have now agreed to suspend action until after the decision has been made at the Public Inquiry being held after Celtique Energie appealed against the unanimous decision made by WSCC Planning Committee to turn down their application for Oil/Gas… Read more

Wrong Move!

i December 1, 2014 By @dmin

t is unlawful for fracking companies to drill under your home without your permission. Search your postcode and join the legal block today to protect your home and community from fracking. Could your home be fracked? 20,604 people are already part of the Not For Shale legal block Read more

Important public meeting with Nick Herbert MP

i December 1, 2014 By @dmin

Date for the diary The decision of the future of our two villages will be decided within the next couple of months and we start the year with Fracking high on the agenda and Mr. Cameron's views recently in the media spotlight. Therefore, with so many questions still unanswered, please make sure you attend an Important Public Meeting being organized by Kirdford and Wisborough Green Parish Councils being held on Friday 31st January at 7:00pm at Wisborough Green Village Hall. The guest speaker will be Nick Herbert MP The main purpose of this meeting is to address comments raised by the Celtique Energie proposal and discuss the issues of Fracking in the area together with local matters. Unfortunately, spaces are limited, with only residents listed on the 
Electoral Roll for each Parish being able to attend. Admittance is free but will be restricted to one ticket per household and these… Read more

No Fracking Here, No Fracking Anywhere!

i December 1, 2014 By @dmin

It was co-incidental that our open surgery in Wisborough Green village hall last Thursday was showing 'Dash for Gas', a short animated film explaining fracking in simply terms. It gave us a chance to speak to people one-to-one and hand out our concise A-Z leaflets.The film showing nicely preceded the organized event by Friends of the Earth in bringing various groups from across Sussex together to highlight proposed drilling and fracking applications within the regions. It was a good turn out that enabled us to join forces with these groups and promote the message No Fracking Here, No Fracking Anywhere. Tony Bosworth, Energy Campaigner at Friends of the Earth said "People are right to be concerned about the risks of fracking – evidence shows that problems can and do occur". Mr. Geoff Davies, CEO Celtique Energie recently said Celtique were looking to submit further applications for sites around Wisborough Green.… Read more

Check out the lorry footage we shot!!

i December 1, 2014 By @dmin

Without the full assessment, including the view of a Road Safety Auditor, it is difficult to conclude whether the route could be considered acceptable after measures of mitigation. However, I have concern given the constraints to visibility where large, slow moving vehicles would be expected to enter a derestricted flow of traffic of relatively high volume. While mitigation such as junction widening and vegetation clearing is practical, other factors such as road alignment are more difficult to overcome.   Read more

Public Health England’s draft report on shale gas extraction

i December 1, 2014 By @dmin

 Click here to download the PDF report Mistaking best practices for actual practices by Adam Law clinical assistant professor of medicine 1, Jake Hays program director2, Seth B Shonkoff executive director 3, Madelon L Finkel professor of clinical public health 1 1Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY, USA; 2Physicians Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy, New York, NY 10019, USA; 3Physicians Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy, University of California, Berkeley, Oakland, CA, USA Global interest in developing unconventional natural gas reserves continues to increase, despite the paucity of empirical evidence on risks to the environment and human health. The operations required to produce natural gas from hydrocarbon reservoirs such as shale are spatially intense and sometimes occur close to human populations. Although research has been conducted to understand the potential impacts of gas development on public health, for the most part these efforts fall short. In addition, efforts… Read more