Demolish Boxal Bridge

    Please sign this petition to protect our precious old stone bridge on the road between Wisborough Green and Kirdford. It was built in about 1850. The bridge is named as a community asset by the Kirdford parish Neighbourhood Plan and it is a CDC Heritage asset – BUT this gives it no statutory protection from demolition. It is a vital link between the two villages and only 400 metres from the entrance to the proposed Oil/Gas drilling site. West Sussex County Council want to demolish the bridge and replace it with a two lane highway although they deny this preference has any connection to the current planning application for drilling! WSCC have now agreed to suspend action until after the decision has been made at the Public Inquiry being held after Celtique Energie appealed against the unanimous decision made by WSCC Planning Committee to turn down their application for Oil/Gas Exploratory drilling. The Inquiry is to be held in September starting at 10 am on the 8th and is being held in Northchapel village hall. The petition has been set up demanding that Boxal Bridge is NOT demolished as the residents wish to retain the rural character of the road and its surroundings as it is one of four similar bridges enabling access in and out of Kirdford. All these bridges have been repaired at various times but NONE of them has been demolished. Link to Petition to save Boxal Bridge For further information please contact Katy Fletcher