What a difference a year makes!

    But we can’t take our eye off the ball Its nearly a year since Celtique Energie withdrew from the Public Enquiry when they appealed to the unanimous refusal by West Sussex County Council to permit their application for exploratory drilling on the borders between the villages of Kirdford and Wisborough Green. Since then, the world has seen falling oil prices from a high of $114 a barrel in 2014 to now less than $30 a barrel, which has had a huge effect on Shale Gas. With the sanctions on Iran being lifted we are likely to see this figure reduce even further. Investors in fracking companies are finding that their ‘get rich quick’ investments are not giving them the rewards they anticipated. So much so, there are some companies in the US that are almost bankrupt. Unbelievably, 150 new proposed fracking sites have recently been announced within the UK and some of these designated sites are in areas that have seen high levels of flooding over the past couple of months. Are our politicians going mad or did they have one too many glasses of wine over the festive season! Many of the UK’s best known insurance companies are now advising that they will not insure against fracking related damage to property or land. So it’s not too surprising to see that there are now over 200 groups in the UK like KKWG who are voicing their concerns and like us going through the process of fighting these applications.

    Date for the Diary Friday 11th March 2016 Wisborough Green Village Hall 7:30pm

    Michael Blencowe who is the People and Wildlife Officer based at the Sussex Wildlife Trust will be giving a talk about all the marvellous wildlife which thrives in our area of West Sussex and now included within the Sussex Downs National Park. This event, will be a fitting tribute as it is the date Celtique Energie withdrew their application. There will also be a discussion about how we can continue working cooperatively as neighbouring communities to continue to safeguard our local environment.